What we do

Color Guard Visual Design

Color Guard Visual Design The world of indoor colorguard is often so complex that directors get caught up with "the music" rather than THE SHOW and the students educational training and

Marching Band Visual Design

Marching Band Visual Design The foundation in the quality of a CFP production is that we are there for you with a complete understanding of what role the drum and bugle


CFP in 2017

CFP moves into 2017 with a contemporary look and a streamlined approach to our offerings. Its been since 1988 that we have been a part of literally hundreds of programs on and off the field, from the basic accessories to the design, arrangements and education. Its now time to focus on defining YOUR brand, your image and

Identity Through Music

Many young people have problems identifying or branding their own role in life. Performance ensembles are showing positive life skill set development in that if a student is a member of a musical ensemble, the social education along with the musical education enriches the persons ability to not just learn more cognitive skills but to also grow


Developing a small ensemble into a successful one may seem problematic to you, but we know how to achieve it.